Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Why Board Games Are Back and What It Means for the Church

In The Revenge of Analog, David Sax chronicles how a hunger for tangible things is causing a resurgence in many industries, such as print, vinyl, and board games. In the midst of a digital revolution where more and more people are joining social media platforms and electronic gaming is getting more and more impressive, board games have made a comeback. For example, people in Toronto gather at Snakes and Lattes to drink and play games. Sax writes of Snakes and Lattes, “Tabletop games are just an excuse for getting together, but a perfectly designed, uniquely suited one, specifically because of their analog nature.”

In other words, board games are back because people want to get together.

A world of unlimited connectivity does not mean greater community. To the contrary, unlimited connectivity often means shallow community as the constant distraction prevents depth of conversation and relationships. So when constant connectivity does not deliver on true community, board games are poised for a comeback. What does this mean for a local church? At least two things.... Read More

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