Saturday, March 11, 2017

3 Questions to Consider Before You Share

We live in an age of opinions, and most days it feels like everyone and their brother is desperate to share them. We’re bombarded each time we check the news or pick up our phone. From the simple You’re Eating that Cupcake Wrong clickbait to the emboldened Twitter acquaintance decrying everyone who disagrees, an unprecedented number of opinions knock on our door each day.

Social media enable information—and false information—to spread at the click of a button. And heightened levels of anonymity create emotional distance from others. It’s possible to engage in a heated argument with a friend of a friend on Facebook we’ve never met. We can battle the opinion, and forget there’s a real person on the other side.

Strong convictions aren’t bad. God has given us minds to think and reason, and we ought to steward them for his glory. But he way we present our positions is crucial. Not only is it significant to our own spiritual wellbeing and the well-being of our relationships, but it’s also incredibly important to God. Our reactions to opinions—and the way we share our own—is directly tied to how people view God. As his image-bearers and ambassadors, we have the weighty responsibility to represent him well.

How we speak reflects how we love. And be assured, the world is listening. Before you share your opinion, whether online or in a conversation, here are three questions to consider. Read More

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