Saturday, March 11, 2017

7 Things Every Leader Should Know About Working With Millennials

I have a confession: I love working with Millennials.

As a Gen Xer, that puts me at odds with more than a few other Gen Xers and Baby Boomers who love to complain about a lack of work ethic, poor grammar or the sense of entitlement they think Millennials bring to the workplace.

I just don’t see it the same way. I have worked with quite a few Millennials on our team at Connexus Church and here behind the scenes here on my blog and podcast.

Given that the eldest Millennials are now pushing 40, a good chunk of your workforce is likely Millennials (they’re hardly kids anymore). In fact, Millennials are now the largest generation in the labor force, outpacing even the Boomers who are retiring. So it’s rather important we figure this generational tension out.

Are Millennials different? Well, of course. Every generation has its quirks. Mine does too.

But just know this, older leaders: It’s hard to mobilize a generation you roll your eyes at.

There are at least 7 distinct characteristics of Millennials I’ve come to appreciate as I’ve learned how to work with them, lead them and even befriend them. The characteristics are relevant whether you’re dealing with paid staff or volunteers (or maybe even your kids).

Once you understand them, things become a lot easier. In my view, working with Millennials (and hanging out with them) is one of the great rewards and pleasures of leadership. Read More

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