Friday, March 17, 2017

Friday's Catch: "Six Traits of Preacher Eater Churches" and More

Six Traits of Preacher Eater Churches: Rainer on Leadership #311 [Podcast]

Thom Rainer hears far too often about the very real problem of preacher eating churches. Thom and Jonathan Howe cover six traits that are found in these churches and how to remedy them. Listen Now

7 Signs That God May Be Up to Something in a Church

I know this post’s title is subjective, but I pray it gives you hope. This past weekend, I spoke at a church that has had some struggles in recent years – but it sure seems like God is doing something there these days. It made me think of positive signs I’ve seen in other churches in the past. Here are some signs I see in churches that give me hope that “God is up to something”.... Read More

Untangling a Twisted Gospel in Africa

The gospel is widely accepted in Africa, but many churches are full for all the wrong reasons. Need a curse broken? A fortune reversed? These promises fall assuredly from the lips of “apostles” and “prophets” on Christian television, and from church pastors called “daddy” or “papa.” Read More

5 Reasons That God Allows Suffering

Nothing can encourage us like God’s Word. Here are five powerful, biblical reasons why God allows suffering in our lives. Read More

Why Doesn’t God Answer My Non-Stupid Prayers?

When you're in pain, even good, thoughtful ideas about why God sometimes doesn't answer our prayers can feel trite and fall short. Read More

Kyle Idleman: The 3 Levels of Christian Forgiveness

We haven’t really addressed level three forgiveness yet, and some of you aren’t going to like this. Read More

What's Really Behind the Russel Moore Controversy

The recent media buzz that Russell Moore’s job was in jeopardy at the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission happily turned out to be much ado about nothing . . . for the moment. Read More

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