Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Is This Mentality Killing Your Church?

I was reading one church’s minutes from a century ago. In a business meeting, the clerk told of a request for $10 from a new church in Texas. This was back when $10 was the equivalent of about $200. After voting to send the money, the secretary said, “This spirit of generosity was put to the test when someone pointed out the church fellowship hall needed renovating.” As I recall, they ended up spending $2,000 on that project.

“What’s in it for us?” is the prevailing principle of decision-making for too many churches. Denominational leaders and professional fundraisers know that to be successful in their promotions, they have to convince churches that this project will reap great rewards for them personally.

It’s not enough to do something for the kingdom.

It’s not sufficient to do something to please God, honor Christ or obey the Spirit. “Show me how this will benefit us.”

And we wonder why so many congregations are stagnated, plateaued or declining. Read More

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