Saturday, March 18, 2017

Saturday Lagniappe: "How to Pray ( first in a series) 'Let’s not complicate it. Just do it!'" and Much More

How to Pray ( first in a series) “Let’s not complicate it. Just do it!”

Let’s see if we can help the beginner to pray effectively and the “regular customer” to pray with greater insight, stronger faith, and more confidence. But–and this is a biggie–let’s not make this more complicated than it is. Read More

TULIP and Reformed Theology: An Introduction

Just a few years before the Pilgrims landed on the shores of New England in the Mayflower, a controversy erupted in the Netherlands and spread throughout Europe and then around the world. Read More

The Practical Importance of Limited Atonement

All too often, when the doctrine of limited atonement is considered, people only see it as a theological debate over the extent of Christ’s atonement. Rarely is a direct connection drawn between this doctrinal divide and its implications in the Christian life. Read More

Scandalized by the Substitute: A Response to Young and Gungor

The doctrine of atonement for sin is—or at least has been—at the center of Christian faith and practice since Jesus’s earthly ministry. But in recent days, various voices have raised objections to the cross. Read More

10 Thoughts Church Leaders Should Think This Saturday

It’s Saturday, and gathering with the people of God is just around the corner. If you’re a church leader, here are some thoughts you might want to be thinking today.... Read More

5 Misconceptions About Pastors

Here are five misconceptions about pastors, some of which are dangerous and greatly impede the ministry of a local church. In other words, they are not insignificant misconceptions. Read More

Things the pastor needs to know

To be an overseer, one has to know what’s going on. Read More

What Are Good Sources for Sermon Illustrations?

What are some good sources of illustrations that will help listeners understand the truths we are presenting? Read More

Why Are There Manuscript Variants [Video]

Why do the footnotes in my Bible say, "Some manuscripts say..."? Watch Now

The Diffusion and Influence of Contemporary Worship

How does worship music style relate to congregational growth? Read More

3 Keys For A Flourishing Kids' Ministry

The truth is there is no “secret sauce,” but there are several key things I see consistently in the leaders of flourishing Children's Ministries. Read More

A FAQ on Shaping Your Ministry Culture Around Disciple Making

After reading this article, I decided that I must read Sydney Anglicans Colin Marshall and Tony Payne's new book, The Vine Project: Shaping Your Ministry Culture around Disciple-Making. Read More

Eight Steps to Christian Maturity

Church-movers are focused on making a difference in society — a real difference. We believe that if we move our church, we change the world. Why? Because the church changes people. And people, as ambassadors of Christ, shape our neighborhoods, cities, and nations. Read More

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