Thursday, March 09, 2017

The Benedict Option and American Politics [Audio; Transcript]

12-Minute Audio with Don Carson

“Hysteria,” cynicism, scandal, and tweet storms — American politics right now is a hot mess. Political clashes are public, polarized, and prolonged. But if it feels like we’re living through an ideological civil war, this experience is not unique to our time or to this country. But many younger Christians have been spared this cultural experience until now.

So, what does it mean for the church? How do we walk, careful not to fan the flames of political animosity? If we get embroiled in heated political debates online or even in face-to-face conversations with others, what is the cost on our evangelistic priorities in culture? More generally, perhaps we should ask: Are Christians too deeply embedded in American culture already, as some have recently suggested? I posed these questions to Dr. Don Carson, co-founder and president of The Gospel Coalition. From his home office, he shared with me his thoughts. Read More

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