Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Tuesday's Catch: "Suburban Sprawl and the Dying Dream of Community Churches" and More

Suburban Sprawl and the Dying Dream of Community Churches

Here in the suburbs, church is one more thing we drive to and choose according to preference rather than proximity. Read More

Missions and Church Planting in North America, with Kevin Ezell - Rainer on Leadership #310 [Podcast]

Kevin Ezell joins Thom Rainer and Jonathan Howe to discuss trends in church planting, relief ministry, and missions in North America, as well as the Send North America Conference. Listen Now

Church-Planting Shifts, Part Two: From Nominal to Secular

Secularism is replacing nominalism as the religion of the people. Read More

Why I've Stopped Reading All Those '10 Reasons Your Church Isn’t Growing' Lists

Please stop beating us down for what you think we’re not doing. Guilt doesn’t motivate, it discourages. Read More

Should We Preach like the Puritans? No

The Puritans followed an educational method called "Ramism" after French philosopher Petrus Ramus (1515–1572) who attempted to modify Aristotelian philosophy by orienting it toward practical godliness instead of intellectual speculation. In many ways, the Ramist approach helped Puritans to analyze a topic theologically and practically. However, Ramism also introduced a methodological complexity to preaching that few modern hearers can receive well. Let me offer some specifics. Read More

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