Wednesday, April 05, 2017

3 Big Mistakes to Avoid This Easter

Easter will soon be here, and I’m confident you are deep into prayer and planning. But here’s my question for you:

What do you want to be different about Easter this year?

If you don’t do anything different, you won’t experience anything different. What is your vision for Easter? Are your plans clear?

There is still time before the weekend of April 16 to have the greatest kingdom impact possible. There is still time to work on all that you are praying for.

For far too many church leaders, Easter is secretly a great disappointment every year. Not because of the attendance—that’s usually very strong—but because so few visitors return the following Sunday.

That is frustrating.

I’ve not met anyone who has had all the “answers” to solve the great post-Easter exodus, but I’ve learned some mistakes we can all avoid. Avoiding them will help you move in the right direction. Read More

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