Saturday, April 15, 2017

3 Things Chinese Pastors Can Learn from the Reformers

I became a Christian through an international mission organization and grew spiritually in a traditional Chinese house church. Coming from this background, when I read the Apostle’s Creed aloud on Sunday morning and say, “I believe the universal church,” a picture comes to my mind: the American church, Korean church, Singaporean church, Hong Kong and Taiwanese church, Chinese church and all the gospel believing churches in one body, the body of the universal church.

As we have seen in recent decades, the unregistered Chinese church has been blessed a lot by the universal church, engaged more with the global church network, and starting to contribute some itself to the big family of faith. As we contemplate the five-hundred-year anniversary of the Reformation, I am reminded that the connection and fellowship of churches can not only break through our geographical barriers, but can also cross the barriers of time. We can learn a lot from the Reformers, because we believe in the same God who created both the space and time.

As a current seminary student and as a minister of the unregistered Chinese church, here are three things I think we can learn from the Reformers. Read More

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