Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Church Planting Shifts, Part 3: Preparing Our People for Witness

In the past few weeks, I have talked about some recent church planting shifts that I have noticed, both through the lens of research and some through anecdotal observations.

The world today is still reasonably familiar for church planters; yet the scene is changing as secularism grows, presenting a new challenge to the mission and ministry of our churches.

The truth is, we are seeing more “nominal” Christian people self-identify as no faith (“nones”) instead of Christian. Since nominal Christians have been a key part of the church planting strategy for most Christians, it’s a shift that’s both new and challenging.

If we are to succeed in this new, more secular space, we need to do more than simply acknowledge this shift. Instead, we need to prepare for it, and this includes preparing our church people for the paradigmatic shift to come. Read More

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