Saturday, April 29, 2017

Saturday Lagniappe: "Recognize. Respond" and Much More

Recognize. Respond.

Danny Frank shares two important lessons that he learned from a singing barista at his local Starbucks. Read More

5 Major Reasons Church Giving Declines

God has designed us, not to be hoarders, but conduits through which His generosity flows. Read More

7 Reasons Some Leaders Don’t Lead Change

Why do they choose to avoid doing what they know is necessary? Read More

Pastoral Transition: Setting Your Church Up For Ministry Success After You're Gone

The church was here long before us, and it will be here long after us. Let's leave it better for the next pastor. Read More

On Being “Called” to Ministry [Podcast]

Being “called” to ministry isn’t entirely personal, internal, and subjective. It involves both the individual and a church, an internal desire and external confirmation. Listen Now

3 Ways to Get Leaders from Pew to Pulpit

Here are three ways that have worked in my ministry and in others’ as we’ve worked to develop preachers and get our leaders from the pew to pulpit. Read More

7 Commandments For Every Young Student Pastor

Here are a few tips that will help in the earlier stages of your ministry path. Read More

Preaching in the Power of the Holy Spirit [Podcast]

Entering into a conversation with the Triune God during your sermon prep process. Listen Now

Taking the Pressure Out of Sermon Prep

A longer preparation window reduces anxiety, fosters creativity, and makes us more attentive to the Holy Spirit. Read More

9 Things I Love to Hear In a Sermon

After thousands of sermons, you stop being impressed by the flash, and you start noticing the essentials. Read More

Seven Things I Hate About Spiritual Formation

Forget being exotic and elite; it's all about becoming more like Christ. Read More

When Failure Isn’t an Option: How to Press Forward in Sharing Jesus Even When We Stumble

Failure and repentance secure for us a more ample conception of the grace of God. Read More

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