Saturday, April 22, 2017

Why I Use “We” More Often Than “You” When Preaching

Few people enjoy being “talked down to” or “preached at.” Superiority has no place in a believer’s life much less in the pulpit. Spiritual elitism is no better than everyday elitism. If the Pharisees are any example, it is worse.

Personal conversations have shown me that people really want to know if God has said anything, and if so, what? People hungry for God and people with only an interest will listen quicker if they know the person preaching or teaching is not “too big for his britches.” Pastors who are open about their personal foibles will gain a hearing quicker than those who act as if they are faultless.

But “wait,” someone says. “I never present myself as faultless. I know better.”

Perhaps we do not consciously think of ourselves as faultless, but if we have a heart of spiritual superiority we will not easily be able to keep it hidden. Sometimes our language can betray us. It is from the abundance of the heart, after all, the mouth speaks.

That is why I think the use of “we,” “us,” and “you” when preaching is important. Read More

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