Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Workplace Evangelism Abroad Begins with Workplace Evangelism at Home

I’ve had the privilege lately of seeing an increasing number of people at all stages of life express interest in joining the global mission of God through the IMB. Many wonder how they can be preparing to go. On one level, it’s very simple: current faithfulness in your assignments is the greatest predictor of future fruitfulness. So, faithfully serve where you are.

One critical arena of faithfulness is your evangelistic witness. Being a faithful evangelist in the workplace doesn’t mean having Bible verses at your desk or preaching in the break room. Some Christians seem to think they’re not being a faithful witness at work unless they’re sharing the gospel all the time. But that’s not true. Being faithful starts with performing your job to the best of your ability to the glory of God. That said, work can open doors to sharing the gospel, and we should be ready for opportunities when they happen. Read More

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