Saturday, May 06, 2017

6 Important Insights About Bible Belt Christianity

I have the privilege of pastoring Wilkesboro Baptist Church, in Wilkesboro, NC. We are a church in the middle of the Bible belt—a moniker for the region of the South where churches dot the landscape as frequently as convenient stores.

Bible Belt Christianity certainly offers a unique set of ministry challenges. Some would contend that the Bible Belt is sufficiently churched and ministry needs to be focused on regions where fewer churches exist. At one level, I agree. We currently support two stateside church plants along with nearly twenty more national and international mission partners that engage in church planting and evangelism. The gospel must spread. But to assume the presence more than 120 evangelical congregations means our Bible Belt county is gospel-saturated is a misunderstanding.

In previous decades Wilkes County was known for moonshine, but today prescription drug abuse along with methamphetamine addiction is prevalent. Nearly half of our county identifies as “None” when asked about denominational affiliation. While many evangelical congregations scatter Wilkes County’s 70,000 residents, great need exists for churches to engage the prevailing socioeconomic and moral challenges with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Below are six important insights about Bible Belt Christianity. Read More

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