Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday's Catch: "10 Keys to a Spiritual Breakthrough" and More - UPDATED

10 Keys to a Spiritual Breakthrough

The Bible has powerful instructions on encountering God and experiencing spiritual breakthroughs in your life. Read More

Why You Will Join the Wrong Church

Many Christians’ broken relationships with their churches resemble patterns of the divorce culture and its attendant assumptions about authority, love, and compatibility. Read More

What Happens to Our Pets When They Die?

Death is one of life’s saddest and most certain realities. Whether it be a pet or a fellow image-bearer, few things sober us like death. A cold, stiff body that lacks the life it once supported is a heavy reminder that something is tragically wrong with our world. Read More
Pet funerals provide an opportunity to minister to an individual or family grieving over the loss of a much-loved pet and to form relationships with the unchurched.
Why God Demands Worship

I have been doing university missions off and on for about thirty-five years. About a dozen years ago, I started stumbling across a question from university undergraduates that I never received when I was a young man. Read More

Dealing with Public Distractions to Worship, Featuring Mike Harland - Rainer on Leadership #329 [Podcast]

Distractions are a real part of worship services. Mike Harland joins Thom Rainer and Jonathan Howe today to talk about how to eliminate—or at least minimize—distractions in your worship service. Listen Now

10 Friday Questions to Ask in Preparation for Sunday

One reason many weekend worship services are ineffective is that we spend too little time preparing ourselves for worship. Take some time to answer these questions today, and use them to help you get ready to gather with your congregation this weekend.... Read More

The Unique Role of the Church in Solidifying a Child’s Faith

I can see how someone who has not experienced the hope of the gospel might feel teaching Christian faith to children is imposing, maybe even harmful, but if you believe Jesus saves you, wouldn’t it be wrong to not share that with your children? Read More

Why Vacation Bible School? Because the Gospel Matters

Why do I care about Vacation Bible School? Kids and their parents need to hear the gospel and about thirty-percent of the families who attend our VBS are unchurched. Read More

New: Consider These 5 Things Before Your Church Plans a Short-Term Mission Trip

Short-term mission trips are a strategic way to involve church members directly in making disciples of all nations. Trips have great potential to help churches cultivate meaningful partnerships with career missionaries and expand opportunities for every member of a church to participate in the Great Commission. In order to help your church accomplish these goals through short-term missions, here are five things to consider before you plan a trip. Read More

New: 7 Secrets to Leading a Successful Men’s Event

As you seek to mobilize your men—as well as reach unchurched men and boys in your community—here are seven ideas that I hope will help you. Read More

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