Friday, May 26, 2017

I Never Knew the Holy Spirit Until I Moved to New England

Many of us have a weird uncle we invite to family gatherings because we’re supposed to. We may not know him very well but he’s family, so we don’t have much choice. In some ways this is how I’ve treated the Holy Spirit. I knew that I “got Him,” that He “came with the family” when Christ saved me, but I didn’t understand my relationship with him.

In case you’re beginning to wonder if I’m calling the Holy Spirit a weird uncle, I’m not. I realize He is who joins me to the family as He continually makes me into the image of Christ and pleads with intercession too deep for words. Yet, I had never really gotten to know Him very well—until I started ministering in Maine.

Since moving here, at least three major things have changed in my life. I now have two sets of tires (for snow), the pine-cone is my state flower (not a joke), and I have gotten to know the third person of the Trinity in a more tangible, intimate way.

Nothing in ministry has created sheer desperation for the power of God through the Holy Spirit as moving to Maine did seven years ago. Here are the three specific things that pushed me to understand the Holy Spirit. Read More

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