Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Roman Catholicism and the Battle Over Words [Video; Transcript]

In this brief clip from Ligonier Ministries 2017 National Conference, Leonardo De Chirico explains one of the main challenges coming from present day Roman Catholicism.

We have two main challenges coming from present-day Roman Catholicism: One is the battle over words. Roman Catholicism in its post Vatican II time has tried to capture basic Evangelical Protestant language, trying to redefine it still using the same words, still using the same sounds but significantly redefining its meaning. Watch Now

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This redefinition of Evangelical Protestant language and evangelicalism itself is not only occurring in the Roman Catholic Church but also in the Anglican Church in North America. The culprits? The various groups of Catholic Revivalists in the ACNA. They include the followers of the late Robert Webber and the Ancient Evangelical Future Conference as well as the traditionalist Anglo-Catholics. 

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