Saturday, May 27, 2017

Saturday Lagniappe: "Why Can't Planters Be Pastors?" and More

Why Can't Planters Be Pastors?

For church planters, there are a number of dynamics at play when planting that highlight the imbalance in our understanding of pastor that can limit the effectiveness of a planter. Part 1 Part 2

3 Ways Online Giving Helps Your Church

Online giving does not just help church members. Churches can benefit from online giving as well. Here are three ways online giving helps your church.... Read More

Does Nature Reveal God?

Does nature reveal God? This question indicates a concern about a foundational issue to Christianity. The issue is, can God be known outside of the church or a religious environment? Read More

Our Top 9 Resources on Calling

Calling: it's the reason you do what you do. God has uniquely prepared you for his work. But some days, doubts creep in. Here's help to dig deep into your calling, to understand God's voice, to live it out and help others do the same. Read More

6 Basic Email Observations from Leading a Team

Few things are as lamented as email and staff meetings. And yet, both are very important in communicating, in ensuring execution, and in keeping work moving forward. They are, however, lamented for a reason. Poorly led meetings and poor email practices waste immense amounts of time and energy. Here are six basic email observations from leading a team.... Read More

The Real Root of Sexual Sin

The most powerful weapon against sexual impurity is humility. Patterns of sinful thought and behavior are fruits of a deeper root. If we want to stop bearing bad fruit, we must aim our primary attack against the root. And the root of sexual sin is not our sex drive; it’s pride. Read More

Renew Your Mind

Many of today’s men have made a poor choice. They’ve chosen to conform, to feed their lust with the pornographic images of the world, to speak as the world speaks, to take on a sinful lifestyle marked by pride, apathy, and self-indulgence. If you are a Christian man, you are called to something different, something better, something far more challenging and far more satisfying. You are called to godliness. You are called to renounce anything that would hinder you in your race and to embrace a life-long pursuit of knowing Jesus. Read More

The Southern Baptist Journal of Theology: Typology - Spring 2017

The complete Spring 2017 issue of The Southern Baptist Journal of Theology is now online vin PDF format. It may be read or downloaded here.

Moral Outrage in America Is Now for Everybody

Gallup finds record-high liberalism on 10 of 19 issues. Yet moderates and liberals are growing more concerned. Read More

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