Friday, May 19, 2017

Tony Morgan On Discovering What Stage Your Church Is At In Its Lifecycle [Podcast]

Tony’s Seven Phases Of The Church’s Lifecycle

Tony Morgan has helped over 200 churches in the last 8 years, and has observed that most churches go through predictable patterns in its lifecycle.

Combining the insights of Les McKeown (Episode 112) and others, Tony has identified 7 specific stages in the life-cycle of a church and shows you where you need to be, and how to get there.

So…where’s your church..strategic growth, maintenance…life support? Listen Now
Tony Morgan's UC bell curve is similar to the Sigmoid Curve that Aubrey Mulphurs uses to describe the life cycle of a church in Chapter 2, "Understanding Organizational Development," of Advanced Strategic Planning: A New Model for Church and Ministry Leaders (Baker Books: 1999). In this chapter Mulphurs explains that the key to continued growth and renewal is to start new first-curve churches and to start a new second curve in the existing church before it plateaus. A third context for starting a new sigmoid curve is the revitalization of plateued or dying churches. Mulphur goes on to warn that if a dying church is to survive at all, it must start a new S-curve as soon as possible.  Mulphur then gives a brief overview of the strategic planning process which is an essential step in the starting of a first or second sigmoid curve. The rest of the book is devoted to fleshing out this process. 

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