Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Tuesday's Catch: "The Future of Christianity May Be Different than You Think" and Much More

The Future of Christianity May Be Different than You Think

It’s easy to think that the best way for Christianity to grow is to emphasize the palatable parts for a culture and avoid the offensive. But surely the last century shows us that the very claims that were most embarrassing to a scientific age became the most attractive elements of Christianity. Read More

3 Ways Satan will Attempt to Hinder Your Church

In his commentary on Acts, John Stott identified three ways Satan attempted to hinder the church’s advance: suppression, corruption, and distraction. In chapter 3, Peter and John healed a crippled man and used this platform to preach the gospel. Subsequently, chapter 4 relates how the religious leaders imprisoned Peter and John and charged them to cease preaching about Jesus. Read More

Eight Reasons Churches Became Too Busy

Most churches keep their members so busy they don’t have time to do ministry. Read More
Keeping churches busy may another way Satan attempts to hinder the church's advance.
Reasons Churches Get Stuck in Growth

We often call it a “plateaued church,” and we define it as a church that is neither growing nor declining. The attendance numbers just seem to be “stuck.” Here are some reasons a church gets “stuck” in plateau.... Read More

One Key Reason Most Churches Do not Exceed 350 in Average Attendance

One of the key reasons most churches do not move beyond 350 in average worship attendance is they do not have sufficient leadership and structures in place. Read More

THE Secret to Church Growth

THE secret to church growth is that only God can truly make a Christian or church grow.... What, then, can we do? Read More

Adding Specifity to Vision

What if we provided specificity when explaining our vision rather than vagueness? Read More

Why Do Christians Love the Law?

Why would anyone love the law of God? Why would we love that which constantly tells us what miserable wretches we are, daily points out all our shortcomings, relentlessly reminds us of all our death-deserving sins, and keeps knocking us down to our knees, leaving us crying out for help? Read More

7 Steps To Help Your Good, But Slightly Off-Center Message Break Through The Noise

When your message is off-center, the quality matters even more. Read More

Preaching Matters: Gospel Certainty in Luke [Video]

How does Luke provide certainty for his readers? Why is it important for the word of God to make sense of the works of Christ? If certainty comes from something other than first-hand experience of physical evidence, what are the implications for the way we do evangelism? Watch Now

Singing with Martin Luther: A Model for Cultivating Hymns in the Language of the People

Creating new hymns in local languages is a challenge, but it’s not a new challenge. The great Reformer Martin Luther gives missionaries a perfect model to follow in cultivating a truly indigenous body of hymns. Read More

5 Principles for Inviting Children to Jesus in a Shifting Culture

As our culture moves to become decidedly more post-Christian, churches will have some challenging issues to address—not the least of which is how they will introduce children and students to Jesus. Churches need to be willing to adapt in order to effectively invite children and young people to Jesus. Following are five principles for inviting children to meet Jesus in a shifting culture. Read More

Ten Questions Christians Should Ask of Their Entertainment

We need to understand the complex and often subtle effects of media on our lives. Read More

Social Change and Gospel Preaching [Video]

How does a disciple-making agenda fit with the need for us to express our love for our neighbours through engagement in social action? Watch Now

5 Missional Mistakes To Avoid

Ten days after Jesus ascended, the Holy Spirit descended, the Church was born, and the world began to be turned upside down for the gospel. I assume that you want to see that happen in your lifetime, as I do. In light of this goal, I can think of five common mission mistakes you should try to avoid as a pastor. Read More

Missionary Bishop for Britain Consecrated at Jesmond

A missionary bishop has been consecrated for evangelical Anglicans seeking a reformation for the reformed catholic faith in England. Participants in the 2 May 2017 consecration of the Rev. Jonathan Pryke at Jesmond Parish Church in the Diocese of Newcastle by bishops of the Church of England in South Africa (CESA) hope their ceremony will see a renewal and rebirth of the faith in England. Read More

GAFCON UK Statement on the Consecration at Jesmond Parish Church

Gafcon UK are aware that Jesmond Parish Church have for some years been in a form of impaired communion with the Bishop of Newcastle, and have developed a special relationship with REACH-SA (formerly CESA). Read More

Moral Law: Americans Agree on More Morality, Disagree on Method

Survey examines attitudes on where morals come from and how to bolster behavior. Read More

Christian Governor of Jakarta Jailed, Found Guilty of Blasphemy

Indonesian court gives Ahok harsher sentence than prosecutors requested. Read More

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