Thursday, May 25, 2017

Your Church Can’t Please Everyone—3 Better Alternatives

Is it possible that your church isn’t a perfect fit for everyone?

Everyone is welcome, but maybe another church might meet their particular needs better. That’s not an easily embraced thought.

Can you say “no” to someone even if it potentially results in them leaving your church?

Learning to balance the natural tension of loving and caring for people, but not allowing someone to leverage their personal agenda, or even hijack the purpose of your church, is not easy.

This is a tough issue and requires artful leadership. As shepherds we hate to have even one person leave, but sometimes it’s OK.

The church is not designed to please everyone. The kind of preaching or style of worship can’t make everyone happy. Your approach to student ministry won’t connect with every parent. Heck, your choice of coffee can make some people mad!

The church does not exist to deliver all the programming its attendees can dream up. If we did everything we’ve been asked to do, we’d have dozens of programs from baseball leagues to classes in CPR.

You can’t preach every sermon your congregation thinks you should preach. Sometimes you just need to say no.

It’s all good and worthy stuff, but the church not only shouldn’t do all of it, it also can’t. No one church can do everything. That is simply impossible. So what each church does must be carefully, strategically and prayerfully thought through.

Many of the things that your attendees request already exist somewhere in your community. Encourage your congregation to engage the community, and take Jesus with them!

Here are three principles to help you navigate these sensitive matters. Read More

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