Saturday, June 24, 2017

10 Quick Things You Can Do To Improve Your Church Website

Your website will be the front door for many who investigate your church. Improve your church website with these quick (and easy) tasks.

Kevin de Young put it very well:
“Your website is the front door of your church for many, many people. If you’d put a greeter at the front door of your physical church, and line up ushers in the sanctuary, and set up a hospitality center in the lobby, and make sure all the signs are attractive and pointing in the right direction, surely you ought to take the same care with your church’s website.”
Here are 10 quick things you can do today to continue to improve your church website and serve the people who use it. Read More
For the past 14 odd years I have been scouring the Internet for articles, podcasts, and videos for Anglicans Ablaze. During that time I have visited the websites of numerous churches and the judicatories and denominations to which they belong. If I were to rank these websites on the basis of their quality, I would rank those of the Episcopal Church, the Reformed Episcopal Church, the Continuing Anglican Churches, and the Anglican Church in North America among the lowest. They strongly suggest that North American Anglicans and Episcopalians do not appreciate the value of a good website. There have been exceptions but generally the quality of these websites has ranged from poor to very poor to abysmally poor. If a church's website is the front door for "many, many people" looking for a new church home, the poor quality of these websites may help explain why these churches have so few visitors.

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