Thursday, June 29, 2017

Creating a Church Culture That Invites Children Into Worship

My parents’ church gets a little wild sometimes. Some days it might even seem downright charismatic. It’s the small town Baptist church that I grew up in. I visited there recently, and there were people everywhere speaking in tongues, running up and down aisles, and talking to the preacher during his sermon. Of course, all of those people were under the age of five.

The church is filled with children.

And, even though the children were, well, being children during the church service, the adults continued to sing praises to Christ, to worship Him in song and in prayer and through the preaching of His word. And, I noticed, as the adults worshiped, so did the kids, in their own ways. They were watching their mothers sing and raise their hands in worship. They were bopping up and down to the music. They were thumbing through the Bible. Drawing pictures of what they heard about in Sunday school. They were resting their heads on strong Daddy shoulders while they listened—yes, listened—to the Gospel as it was preached.

My hometown church has accomplished something that some churches never do: They have created a culture that invites children into worship. Read More

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