Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Gender and the Christian Standard Bible: Trevin Wax Answers My Questions

I spoke with CSB publisher Trevin Wax.

On to Trevin....

There’s been some dustup about the Bible in regards to its gender usage, so I asked Trevin to jump in and answer a few questions.

A recent article in The Atlantic claimed that the CSB has embraced a gender-inclusive translation philosophy. Then, Denny Burk responded and said that the CSB does not.

So, which is it, Trevin? Read More

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Controversy has been swirling around the new LifeWay translation of the Bible, the Christian Standard Bible, due to its use of what Trevin Wax describes as "gender-accurate" language. Much of the confusion is related to the fact that certain New Testament Greek words that the translators of the King James Bible rendered as "man" or "men" refer to both genders in the New Testament Greek. In the seventeenth century "man" and "men" was also used to refer collectively to both genders in spoken and written English. This convention of English speech and literature, however, has fallen into disuse. The use of "man" and "men" has become gender-specific.

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