Monday, June 05, 2017

Pastoring in the Twenty-First Century Church

7 Reasons Pastoring a Church Is Hard Today

I’m sure that pastoring a church has always been difficult. At the same time, though, it seems much harder today than it was 35+ years ago when I started in full-time pastoral ministry. Here’s my assessment about why the task is harder.... Read More

9 Reasons Ministry Is Not So Hard

I’ve previously written about why pastoral ministry is more difficult these days. Maybe, in fact, you had a tough day yesterday at your church. If so, I want to use this post to remind us why ministry is not as hard as it seems sometimes. I pray this post encourages you. Read More

Dealing with Detractors

If you are going to lead anything you will face detractors. A “detractor” is a person who is more than discouraging; they are disparaging. Often detractors have very little positive to say about anything. Detractors vote “no” because somebody has to. Detractors are wet blankets on the picnic of grace. Read More

Thoughts for Pastors Who Are Considering Quitting

If you are a pastor who has not considered quitting, you are likely in the minority. And certainly there are times when we should leave. But, if your desire to quit is the result of the typical challenges of pastoring, allow me to share nine thoughts that may lead you to reconsider. Read More

9 Ways to Raise Up Leaders in Your Church

Pastors have an obligation to raise up future leaders in the local church. Mark Dever offers nine steps for fulfilling this obligation in your church. Read More

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