Saturday, June 17, 2017

Saturday Lagniappe: "15 Ways to Talk So People Listen" and Much More

15 Ways to Talk So People Listen

We’ve all had leaders we wished would sit down and stop talking. Don’t be one. Read More

10 Things You Should Know about Jonathan Edwards

No one outside the biblical authors themselves has exerted the influence on me personally as has Jonathan Edwards. So here are ten things you should know about his life and ministry. Read More

The Ultimate Character Test Any Great Leader Passes

The longer I lead and the more I see, the more I’m convinced that character ultimately determines a leader’s true success. Read More

3 Indicators of Integrity Lapses in Leaders

Here are 3 indicators of integrity lapses in leadership.... Read More

How Debt Can Destroy Your Ministry

For those in ministry, you could say that debt is a ministry killer. Personal debt places burdens and barriers on the lives of those in ministry. Let’s consider how debt can destroy your ministry. Read More

The Great Exchanges of Romans

When the wonder of the gospel breaks into your life, you feel as though you are the first person to discover its power and glory.... f my own experience is anything by which to judge, discovering Romans can be a similar experience. Read More

Sorry, Old Testament: Most Theologians Don't Use You

Should systematic theologies equally rely on Bible verses from the Old and New Testament? Experts weigh in. Read More

Learn to Recognize An Idol Before It Rules Your Life

What does it actually mean to worship an idol? Read More

3 Ways to Spot “Christian Backstabbing”

People who have been around the Christian faith a long time can even learn how to backstab each other in a way that appears Christian. Of course, it is not. It is deceitful and disingenuous. Read More

How to Love Your Friends Who Don't Love Jesus

When your friends can’t stand your “obsession” with Jesus.... Read More

What Christians Need to Know about Islam

Roger Barriers offers a simple explanation of what Christians need to know about Islam.Read More

A media firestorm elevates a false narrative of Southern Baptist racism

What happens when frenzied news cycles, a culture of perpetual outrage, social media and political intrigue infect a religious event? Read More

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