Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Challenges of Small Church Ministry

Here is a selection of articles on the challenges that those involved in small church ministry face. Some of these articles have been previously posted on Anglicans Ablaze. Others have not.

5 Things Small Churches Can Uniquely Offer...Right Now

Instead of trying to mimmick what the large churches in your area are doing (only to come up short of their quality because you don’t have the money or resources to duplicate it), here are five things I believe small churches can uniquely offer the world right where they are.... Read More

5 Things Small Churches Can Do Well

Here’s a short list of some of the things that the small church can do well.... Read More

Mistakes Small Churches Make: "We’re Too Small"

Don’t get stuck doubting your creativity or abilities. Know what your strengths are and play to them. Read More

Why Growth is Harder In a Small Church – And Change Is Essential

Big churches find it much easier to incorporate new people because the bigger the crowd, the smaller the impact each person has. Read More

How I Stopped Feeling Embarrassed by My Small Church

They knew the church was small, but they came anyway. Maybe they came because it was small. Read More

The Danger of Focusing On Numerical Growth

There are three primary concerns that I have with a focus on numbers. Read More
A list of other articles on the Small Church Connections website may be found here.
10 Reasons Why Small Churches Stay Small

These are simply my observations as to why stagnant, ungrowing churches tend to stay that way. I send it forth hoping to plant some seed in the imagination of a pastor or other leader who will be used of the Lord to do great things in a small church. Read More

5 Myths About Small Church Pastors

It's time to rethink our assumptions about "micro" ministry. Read More

Ministering to the Needs of Small and Declining Churches

The following is a list of observations that I have made over the years in regard to the challenges of preparing ministers for the life and ministry of small churches in the Reformed tradition. More and more, due to the recent economic recession, large churches are not hiring assistant pastors and pastors at established churches are not moving (a process that would create openings for aspiring pastors graduating out of the seminary). Therefore, in recent years, I have seen more of our graduates being attracted to the opportunities afforded by the small (and often “more” rural) churches and I have encouraged students to consider such opportunities while giving due consideration to some of the attendant cautions mentioned below. Read More

Biblical Preaching in the Small Church

The small church no less than any other is formed by the Word and grows spiritually through the Word. Jesus said, “I will build My church…” (Matthew 16:18). His word is foundational and upon it the spiritual life of the church, no matter the size, depends. Read More
A list of other articles from The Small Church Shepherd on the Small Church Leadership Network website may be found here.
3 Tips for Small Churches Struggling to Maintain Their Digital Presence

In talking with leaders of small churches, I’ve found that when their digital presence is lacking, it’s not because they don’t believe it’s important. Instead, it’s what some many of us can relate to: lack of time or lack of resources (people). Read More

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