Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Rural and Small Town Church

Here is a selection of articles on rural and small town ministry.

Rural and Small Town Ministry

Rural America reflects deep spiritual problems with epidemic substance abuse, soaring suicide rates, poverty, and being largely overlooked by an urban-centered focus church ministry. Read More

Small Towns Need Jesus Too

Donnie Griggs grew up in a small town on North Carolina’s Outer Banks. He knows the issues plaguing small towns, especially the large number of residents rejecting the gospel and unconnected to a church. In his new book, Small Town Jesus: Taking the Gospel Mission Seriously in Seemingly Unimportant Places, Griggs writes about his return to his hometown to plant a church and the need for others to do the same. Read More

5 Principles for Doing Small Town Ministry

In a small town context, it's important to read the culture well and discern how to best contextualize it in order to do effective ministry. Here are five principles for small town ministry.... Read More

Growing a Rural Church

Who says you can't raise strong congregations in country fields? Read More

13 Characteristics of Indigenous or "Local" Rural Pastors

Doug Walrath took a last look at small church life, shortly before he retired in 1990 from Bangor Seminary, by doing a study of rural pastors in New England. Read More

Reaching Rural America for Christ Archive

Reaching Rural America for Christ is the monthly newsletter of the Rural and Small Town Mission of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. The July 2017 issue shares insight into teaching the faith to college students and young adults in congregations. Read the July 2017 Issue and Back Issues

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