Thursday, June 15, 2017

We Were Called a Cult: Two Things I Learned While Planting Our Church

As a church planter, I quickly learned that not everyone is excited for a new church in town. We experienced our fair share of critics on issues of belief, expression, and culture. However, one individual particularly stood out, making it his personal mission to inform as many in our neighborhood as possible that our church was a heresy-promoting cult. From posting flyers all over the neighborhood to penning critical blogposts to talking to people on the street (including mission teams in town to work with us), he was zealous to guard the honor of God and the Church by spreading the bad news of who we were. (Ironically, this was the very reason some curiously sought us out.)

I initially responded with frustration and disbelief. I could sort of understand if we were labeled bible-thumping, no-fun-fundies. But a cult? From this difficult season, I learned two valuable lessons. Read More

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