Friday, July 21, 2017

5 Signs of Spirit-Filled Preaching

Pastors are called to feed, lead and intercede for the church. When we have the privilege to stand before the people of God and share biblical truth with them, we must do so with the greatest skill entrusted to us by the Lord.

This requires from each preacher due diligence in his study, spiritual preparation in his life and total commitment from him through his delivery. When the Bible has been proclaimed faithfully and the people of God have been fed spiritually, there is a healthy spiritual satisfaction that rests upon the preacher.

The challenge of preaching is to communicate to the varied levels of maturity from those who hear us proclaim the Word. If all were on the same level, the preacher’s challenges would not be as great as they are.

In the public worship services in our churches, it is our desire to have the services filled with those who are mature, those who are not as mature as they should be and those that are absolutely there in search of God. Though it is a challenge to speak to these various levels of where people are with God, we know that every person can always benefit from hearing the Bible taught and applied to their life.

Here are a few things to keep in mind as we speak to those who need to be filled. Read More

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