Wednesday, July 05, 2017

6 Signs Your Church Is Gospel-Focused

Is it possible for a church to take the gospel for granted? Can we get so accustomed to it that we miss its power and significance to ministry? Could a church be so busy doing ministry (good things) that it’s not focused on Jesus?

I think it’s possible. It’s possible in really good churches led by good spiritual leaders.

Church can be exhausting. There is so much to do. The grand irony in the church is that the human element can crowd out the divine element. It’s never intentional, but it can happen. The daily responsibilities in the natural realm can distract us from the supernatural realm.

We’re here for people. We’re here to serve. That’s a good thing. But it’s easy to get lost in individual agendas and miss the big picture. It’s easy for the mechanics of ministry to minimize the mystery of the gospel.

Let’s be candid—the list of stuff is long: things like finances, buildings, culture-shifts, technology, staffing, etc. We’re currently working on evaluating our staff’s health insurance policy. Talk about things that can distract you from God!

It’s possible to go a few days, or weeks, or maybe even longer, and not lead in such a way that the “good news of Jesus Christ” remains central to all that is done.

There is certainly no judgment here, or I’d be judging myself, too. But I’m so passionate about the gospel and why we “do church,” that if this post serves only as a good reminder and encouragement to us all, it’s worthwhile.

And if by chance this lands closer to reality for anyone, and serves as en encouragement to get back on track, then all the better!

Here are six signs your church is gospel-focused. Read More

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