Tuesday, July 25, 2017

7 Internal Barriers to Growth in a Church

There is rarely a simple explanation for the decline of a church. It is often a complex mix of cultural, theological, attitudinal, and internal issues. In this article, I address the latter issue.

Internal barriers refer to those obstacles that are inherent in the organization and the facilities of the church. They are also called structural barriers. Stated simply, these barriers are self-imposed or self-inflicted.

Some of these barriers are long-standing and difficult to remove. Others, such as a redesigned website, can be accomplished with little pain. Let’s look at the six most common internal barriers in churches. Read More

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This article originally appeared on Thom Rainer's blog on August 31, 2015. I posted it on Anglicans Ablaze on that date or shortly thereafter. I am reposting it since church leaders who prompted by the article may have taken a look at the internal barriers to growth in their church may wish to take a second look two years later. They may wish to ask themselves these questions: Have the barriers that were identified two years ago been reduced or eliminated? If they persist or have grown worse, why? Here we need to be objective in our assessment and to avoid playing the blame-game. What additional steps can we take to reduce or eliminate these barriers?

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