Monday, July 31, 2017

Five Reasons That Program or Ministry Won't Work in Your Church

You come up with a great ministry or event idea. You know it’s working at a church you respect and you’re sure it will work in your church. You pray about it and talk to several others, and everyone senses a green light.

So you launch it, but then it never gets traction.

It never catches on.

You’re left to choose between two bad options – letting it coast even though it’s not effective or changing course and losing some of your leadership capital. Maybe you’ve tried to start something and it didn’t work. Or maybe you want to avoid the mistakes so many others have made. In areas like...
  • Launching small groups 
  • Starting a men’s or women’s ministry 
  • Organizing an outreach event 
  • Raising money during a capital campaign
Whether it’s a new program, ministry, idea, initiative, or campaign, here are several reasons it (whatever it is) might not work in your church. Read More

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