Monday, July 31, 2017

Monday's Catch: "The Holy Spirit Is Not an 'It'" and Much More

The Holy Spirit Is Not an "It"

There are times when precision is needed and there are other times when it is not. When we are talking about God then we must always be in the first category. This is because God is the being who is worthy of the highest regard. He is infinitely more valuable than anything we give careful attention to. What's more, he has revealed himself with precision in the Scriptures. There are certain aspects of God that we don’t fully understand but the limits of our knowledge aren’t excuses for carelessness with what he’s clearly revealed. Read More

5 Ways to Lead in Ministry When Your Leader Is Not Leading

To be clear up front, this post is not prompted by my context or personal experience as I am honored to serve under great leaders. However, I am commonly asked questions around the theme of “Help, my leader is not really leading.” Read More

'Pastor, Please Preach on This...'

These seven preaching ideas have kept me focused and away from my need to please or perform for approval. Read More

What to Do If You're Bored by the Bible [Video; Transcript]

The same God you see speaking and acting in the pages of Scripture is the God who wants to work in your life today. Watch Now

Ministry to Women When There’s No “Women’s Ministry”

Is a formal women’s ministry necessary to effectively minister to women? Read More

What Does It Mean to Succeed?

According to Jesus, it is possible to gain the whole world—to succeed against almost every human yardstick—and still fail at life because you lose your soul in the process (Matt. 16:26). At the same time, Jesus declares that it is possible to lose all your possessions, relationships, and status, and yet succeed in what really matters—in your relationship with God (Mark 10:28–30). Read More

How Dinner with a Jihadi Changed My View of Missions

Growing up in post 9/11 America, I believed no greater enemy existed than a terrorist waging war on the Western world. So you might imagine how, um, surprised and paralyzed I felt when I found myself in South Asia eating dinner with a jihadi. Well, he used to be. During our group’s light dinner conversation, Joseph*, a Christian from a Muslim family and strong partner in local ministry, casually let out a sentence that started with, “When I was training for jihad . . . .” I froze mid-chew, convinced I misunderstood him due to my weak comprehension of the Hindi language he spoke. Sensing my bewilderment, he chuckled and started in on his story. Read More

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