Monday, July 10, 2017

Observations for Preaching from Binge Watching

On-demand television has completely changed the entertainment industry. In years past you would watch one episode then wait a full week for the next episode to be aired. Today thanks to video streaming services the phenomenon of “binge-watching” has forever changed how television is developed, produced, and released.

Though the average binge-viewer watches five episodes in one setting, many will watch an entire season in a weekend.[1] We can certainly have a conversation about the merits of binge watching, whether it is healthy, or it it is the best use of anyone’s time to download that much entertainment in one sitting. That, however, is not the focus of this post. Binge watching has changed the television entertainment industry, and, by extension the way many people intake information. Here are some observations from this phenomenon that are applicable to preaching. Read More

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