Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Seven Costs to Being an Evangelistic Leader in Your Church

The topic of evangelism has grown strangely quiet in many churches. Pastors are not talking about it. Other church leaders aren’t talking about it. Members aren’t talking about it.

And if we aren’t talking about evangelism, you can be assured many of us aren’t doing evangelism.

There are likely many explanations for the death of evangelism in our churches. Among them is the stark reality that many of our church leaders, pastors and others, are not intentionally evangelistic.

Why is that?

Though it is not an excuse, we must acknowledge that the pastors and other church leaders pay a high cost when they become intentionally evangelistic. Sometimes it just seems easier to keep our mouths shut about the gospel. Look at these costs to being an evangelistic leader in a local church. Read More

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