Friday, July 14, 2017

The Endlessly Fascinating Microbiology Of Small Church Ministry

Small churches are to megachurches as microbiology is to astronomy. One is small, one is huge, both have value.

When you love something, there's always more to discover in it. That was the essence of a conversation I had recently about the value of small church ministry.

It began with a question.

"What you're doing with small churches is great, but won't you have to expand your vision at some point? I mean, how much more is there to say or learn about small churches?"

The question was conversational, not confrontational, so I replied just as conversationally with the following:

"How much is there to learn about small churches? I don't know. How much is there to learn about microbiology?

“Just because microbiologists limit their study to small organisms doesn't mean they'll run out of valuable principles to discover, unexpected ideas to apply, or new ways their work can bless humanity. In fact, they don’t weaken their contribution to science by narrowing their focus, they strengthen it. When we narrow our field of study we can go deeper and get more out of it. For us and others.

“The same thing happens in a small church when the pastor and the people can invest more deeply in each other.

“Astronomy isn’t a bigger or better field of study than microbiology. It’s just about physically larger objects.

“In the same way, church growth isn’t a bigger or better field of study than small church ministry. It’s just about numerically larger churches.” Read More

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