Thursday, July 20, 2017

Thursday's Catch: "A Kairos Moment for Small Town America" and Much More

A Kairos Moment for Small Town America

Over 30 million people still live in rural areas. Read More

7 Business Principles That Lead to a Flourishing Church

My background was business, so I took those principles that I knew and applied them to building the new church. Read More

What Was the Reformation and Why Does It Matter? [Video]

A sermon from St Helen's Bishopsgate, a church located in the heart of the City of London. Watch Now

The English Reformers’ Teaching on Salvation [Audio]

A talk by Donald Allister on the English Reformers’ teaching on salvation at the Church Society Conference 1991. Listen Now

3 Common Ways Leaders Miscommunicate

Leadership mistakes are often synonymous with communication mistakes. Execution problems are often synonymous with lapses in communication. Here are three major communication struggles leaders should seek to avoid.... Read More

Preacher’s Toolkit: What Book Do I Preach First?

Sean Michael Lucas shares with us the three "precommitments" that directed his answer to that question. Read More

A Wake-Up Call to the Church

It’s time to wake up our churches to the need for revival and spiritual awakening. It’s time to answer the Holy Spirit’s wake-up call! Read More

Evangelism and Pastoral Care: The Best of Friends

How can we keep together what the church so often puts asunder? What would truly pastoral evangelism look like? Perhaps Peter can show us the way. Read More

Why Not Just Invite the Dropout Believer to Church? Arrows of Truth No. 3

Generally speaking, you are not going to get most dropouts back into church just by asking them. Read More

10 Outreach Ideas for Your Church This Fall

These ten outreach ideas will allow your church to be noticed in your community and, most importantly, provide your members with several opportunities for gospel conversations. Read More

Politics and What It Means to Be an Evangelical

The election of Donald Trump has elicited a great deal of frustration and dismay among non-Trumpian evangelicals. Some have suggested that the “court evangelicals” who unapologetically support Trump will drive many anti-Trump evangelicals into the fold of the mainline churches or other traditions. Trump’s election, in this line of thinking, has created in some “a desire to leave their evangelical churches in search of a more authentic form of Christianity.” Read More

UK Foreign Office Agency Says Evangelical Christians in the Global South Should “Reinterpret” the Bible

A report produced by an executive agency of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office has argued that Evangelical Christians in the Global South should be expected to “reinterpret” the Bible to make it compatible with LGBT ideology. The recommendations, if implemented, would massively reverse freedom of religion across the globe. Read More

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