Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Tuesday's Catch: "4 Reasons Every Christian Needs to Be Part of a Local Church" and Much More

4 Reasons Every Christian Needs to Be Part of a Local Church

Redemption has always been God’s purpose, and he appointed the church to carry out that purpose. Read More

The Roller Coaster Effect of Ministry

Listening to this seasoned pastor talk about the ups and downs of ministry—so far into his own ministerial experience—also reminded me of the inevitability of the roller coaster ride of ministry. The roller coaster effect is true in a heightened sense for those who are called to parachute plant or plant in an extremely spiritually difficult part of the world, but it is equally true for all ministers of the Gospel who are seeking to carry out a God-honoring ministry of the word. Here are some of the things that ministers should keep in mind while persevering on the roller coaster ride of ministry.... Read More

Building A Great Usher Team

Your ushers can make or break your worship service. Read More

College Ministry: 3 Tips for Helping Students Find Financial Freedom

The Bible talks a lot about money, and it consistently communicates that less debt is better than more debt. We should, too. Read More

Communication in Small- and Medium-sized Churches, Featuring Kelly Adkins—Pastor Talk, Episode 18 [Podcast]

Kelly Adkins from Grace Church joins Pastor Talk host Marty Duren to discuss communication in small- and medium-sized churches. Listen Now

Three Ways to Engage Culture

We are in a bit of an awkward cultural moment. That means our approach to engaging culture is a needed discussion. It’s so important I’m releasing five videos for Stetzer Coaching Class this month on engaging culture on the big issues. To whet your appetite, here are three ways I believe Christians will approach culture in the years to come. Read More

3 Reasons Evangelists Still Exist

Some challenge the existence of the evangelist, and therefore, the legitimacy of their ministry today. But this minimization seems to be more from prejudice or misinformation than anything substantive. Let’s consider three reasons the gift of the evangelist still exists today. Read More

Pew: What Christians Worry About Most

How five religious groups rank seven bad scenarios. Read More

Progressivism’s Peak Lunacy

So the week before last it was all, “Gender is meaningless – it mustn’t even be mentioned; it is the distinction that knows no name,” as London Underground instructed staff not to use the phrase ladies and gentlemen. But last week it was all, “Gender is everything – it must be relentlessly focussed on,” as the fact that there are more highly paid men at the BBC than women has caused sputtering outrage. Read More

Caste Aside: India’s New President Has ‘No Room for Christians

Church leaders believe Hindu nationalism will outweigh the Dalit leader’s lower-caste loyalties. Read More

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