Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Are You Ready to Give An Answer...?

Beware (and Embrace) the Power of Story

There’s a new gospel in town, and it has recruited cadres of evangelists. This new gospel heralds peace with God and man, it proclaims enlightenment through acceptance. Yet it’s not acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, but acceptance of a new morality, the embrace and endorsement of what Christians have long understood to be forbidden. It’s a popular and powerful gospel and someone is going to proclaim it to you very soon. They will proclaim it and call for a response. Read More

The Role of Experience

We’re living in a day when personal experience has been elevated above everything else as the final criterion of right and wrong. Just think of all of the people who try to justify themselves on the basis of what they feel. Divorce is routinely excused on the basis of a married couple’s no longer feeling like they are in love. We are told that homosexuality should be embraced as a moral good because some homosexuals report having felt an attraction to the same sex from a young age. Even many professing Christians make their decisions about right and wrong based on what they feel. Read More

10 Wrong Responses during Hard Conversations

Leadership often requires us to have hard conversations – sometimes at our initiative, and sometimes at the initiative of others. When those times happen, I must always check myself to make sure my heart isn’t moving in the wrong direction during the conversation, especially because I don’t like confrontation in general. Here’s what I must watch for.... Read More

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