Wednesday, August 30, 2017

God's Subtle Work in Your Bible Reading

"Where did this Bible come from?"

This was the question I asked my wife last week after she cleaned out a bookshelf. With a slight glance to the stack of books around it she answered, "I'm pretty sure it's yours." She was right; it was mine.

Then I did what any bibliophile would do, I tore open the box that housed it with the eagerness of a kid on Christmas morning. Then I paused and wondered, Is this mine? I couldn't remember it. I began thumbing through the Bible and found my pencil notes and annotations throughout. I was confused and intrigued.

Let's put aside the question of a 40-year-old guy who can't remember reading through and marking up his Bible, let alone paying money to buy it. Instead, I want to focus on the subtle but persistent effect the Word of God has on us. Read More

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