Wednesday, August 09, 2017

In Spirit and in Truth

Being Theologically Intentional: The Importance of the Sunday Morning Gathering

From Monday through Saturday we are beat up by the world. We are persuaded to believe that our lives ought to be consumed with the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life (1 John 2:15-17). The week has the ability to take its toll on us. This is why as God’s people the Sunday Morning Gathering of Christ’s body is vital to our existence as believers. We need a safe place from the dangers of the world. As the Body of Christ gathers in the local embassies of His Kingdom, the Church presents itself to an alternative to the world.

But sometimes we can convince ourselves that the gathering of the Church on Sunday is just some religious routine; something that is suppose to be done by Christians. Many times as pastors the routine of preaching Sunday after Sunday can wear us down. To put it simply, Sundays are exhausting. But the Lord’s Day is indeed a day of rest. The trials, chaos, and the busyness of the past week seek to argue against the Sunday gathering. They collectively say, “Just stay in bed so you can rest.” But the corporate gathering of the Church declares that true and final rest is found in Christ. Read More

3 Reasons Pastors Should Engage In Worship

Pastors are the primary worship leaders in our churches. We must be fully engaged for the entire service, not just when we are preaching. There are so many distractions leading up to, and during, the worship services that it takes an intentional effort to engage in worship. Here are three good reasons to remain focused on Christ during the entire worship gathering. Read More

The Mark of the Most Successful Worship Leaders

Every week a pastor or worship leader chooses the songs his church will sing the following Sunday. Every week he combs through the possibilities to select the five or six that will best fit within the service he is planning. How can he choose well? How can he best serve his congregation in their singing?

I have traveled a fair bit through the first half of this year, and just about everywhere I’ve gone I’ve had the privilege of attending church services. I’ve worshipped with little congregations in isolated places and I’ve worshipped with great big congregations in the heart of major cities. I’ve experienced worship at home and abroad, I’ve sung music accapella and with the accompaniment of top-quality bands, I’ve sung in English and done my best to follow along in foreign languages. And through it all, I have been quietly but deliberately observing. I have been thinking about how we worship best. Read More

5 Elements of a Great Worship Service

God does what He does when He wants to. There’s no special formula to create a worship atmosphere. But with a humble heart, consider these ideas that will encourage an attitude of worship in the hearts of your people.... Read More
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