Thursday, August 10, 2017

The ABCs of Preaching: "6 Key Questions to Ask of Your Sermon Before You Preach It" and More

6 Key Questions to Ask of Your Sermon Before You Preach It

Before you preach your next sermon, take the time to answer these six questions. If you do, you’ll have greater clarity for the content of the message and the congregation will have greater clarity for the expected action from the message.

So pastor, grab your sermon and ask God for wisdom as you dive into these questions. Read More

How to Structure a Sticky Sermon

If your sermon isn’t sticky, it won’t stay with those who hear it. If your sermon isn’t sticky, it’ll bounce off them and be lost forever. Read More

5 Pitfalls to Avoid When Preaching on the End Times

Eschatological preaching is needed. We do have a blessed hope. Christ promised to return. Part of our motivation for holiness is to be ready for his appearing. His re-appearance will usher in the cosmic renewal for which his followers have yearned for centuries, indeed all of creation is yearning.

But, let’s get it right.

When we preach from Daniel, Revelation, the Olivet Discourse, the “man of sin,” or other prophetic passages, here are a few pitfalls to avoid.... Read More

3 Lessons From A Well-Loved 80-Year-Old Preacher

As a preacher, I am a bit unusual because I like to go to church on vacation!!! Last month, I took a week off – a staycation – and on Sunday morning decided to go to one of our Sister churches just down the road from me. When I walked in the door the first person I saw was a friend from 27 years ago who was a blessing and encouragement to my wife and me during our days in Bible College. When I learned that they had a Special Speaker that morning, an 80-year-old well-loved and well-known pastor in our fellowship. While I have known this pastor for many years I had never heard him speak and was looking forward to his message. What I received was a great teaching from Psalm 121 and also a lesson in the art of preaching. Read More

Rhythms and Checkpoints in Your Sermon Prep: The Why and How

Your preaching context is different than mine. You have challenges I don’t have and I have challenges you don’t have. This is why it’s important to develop rhythms and checkpoints in your sermon prep. Sure, it’s valuable to hear how other people prepare their sermons, but the most important thing is to develop your own process that fits your present context.

No doubt, there have been times that you have read an article here at RP or somewhere else and thought, that won’t work for me! There’s no way around this being the case unless we were to have a 1 on 1 conversation about your context and processes. But what rhythms and checkpoints can do is to give you a framework to maximize your time so you can make your sermon prep more efficient. Read More

5 Pastors Share Their Weekly Sermon Prep Process

It’s interesting how many different ways different pastors prepare their sermons. You may be someone who is trying to find a new way to do sermon prep or you may be someone who is trying to find just a way to do sermon prep.

Wherever you are in your experience in preaching, this article should be helpful to you. You’ll get to see 5 different pastors share what a week of sermon prep looks like for them. Read More

Captivate Your Audience, Kill Bad Habits, and Master the Art of Sermon Delivery

Earlier this year, Brandon Hilgemann from released his second book on the topic of preaching and it is a treasure trove of practical help all centered around sermon delivery.

Brandon has this conviction that “most preaching fails not for lack of content, but deficient delivery.” Sure, content is really really important. But if we fail at delivering that content well, we will create an unneeded barrier between the congregation and the content. Read More

How to Eliminate Distractions in Sermon Prep

The art of sermon prep is so important. We are all busy and many times this task can get pushed aside for a variety of other important things or even distractions that are less important.

It is not that hard to eliminate distractions from your sermon writing process though, and here are some practices to help you do so.... Read More

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