Thursday, November 30, 2017

Thursday's Catch: "10 Surprising Things Church Members Said to Guests" and More

10 Surprising Things Church Members Said to Guests

Over the years that I’ve done church consulting, I’ve heard about (and heard personally) some surprising things that church members have said to guests. Here are a few of them.... Read More
Chuck Lawless's article is a reminder of the great harm that the unbridled tongue can do. It also reminds us that the creation of a friendly, welcoming environment in our churches is a responsibility that all church members share.
Ed Stetzer: Why Leadership Matters

Here are three reasons we should not reject the culture of leadership development. Read More

Why I Don't Want You to Attend Church Anymore

Maybe you can relate; maybe not. But here’s my point: no one should just attend church. Instead, we should be the church. Read More

The Revolutionary Mission

A world that is going through revolutionary changes can’t be reached, convinced or awakened by a church where everything remains the same. I’m not talking about the truth itself; truth never changes. I’m talking about the way the church engages the world with the truth. To wake up a world going through revolutionary changes requires that the church is revolutionary itself. Read More

Getting Past Inertia: Three Simple Tips for Sharing Our Faith

Sailboats and lists. Read More

Salvation by . . . Hospitality?

Hospitality isn’t only central for the Christian life; it’s integral to the nature and work of God. Read More

The Only Bright Spot in American Giving

Research highlights radical giving of poor and unpaid labor of women. Read More

Why #GivingTuesday Donations Could Drop Dramatically Next Year

Evangelical leaders warn of ‘devastating’ impact of GOP tax plan on the charitable deduction. Read More

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