Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Wednesday's Catch: "10 Mistakes Churches Make at Christmastime" and More

10 Mistakes Churches Make at Christmastime

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year. Some would even say it’s the most wonderful time of the year. While it still has its wonderment, Christmastime has a tendency to be stressful as well—especially in the church. Unfortunately stress can lead churches to plan poorly and make unnecessary mistakes. Here are ten such mistakes to avoid in your church this Christmas.... Read More

3 Tips for Hosting an Outstanding Church Dinner or Potluck

Use the dinner table like Jesus did. Read More

Don’t Dismiss Abuse: People Matter More than Institutions

No more prioritizing institutional protection over individual needs. Read More

Can You Be Reformed and Charismatic? Matt Chandler Thinks So

The possibility is gaining traction of late after messages by many pastors nationwide who admit they identify with the term. Read More

TULIP and The Doctrines of Grace

The central truth of God’s saving grace is succinctly stated in the assertion, “Salvation is of the Lord.” This strong declaration means that every aspect of man’s salvation is from God and is entirely dependent upon God. The only contribution that we make is the sin that was laid upon Jesus Christ at the cross. Read More

What Is Semi-Pelagianism?

Pelagius was a monk who lived in the late 300s and early 400s AD. His unbiblical doctrine of Pelagianism was condemned by several church councils, and he himself was excommunicated in 418. Pelagianism and the more moderate semi-Pelagianism are still making their rounds today as people, to varying degrees, attempt to take credit for their own salvation and thus mitigate the role of God’s grace. Read More

The Blessings of a Long Pastorate

How long should a pastor serve the same church? The Bible doesn’t answer that question. Read More

The Congregation and the Pulpit

How can a congregation help their pastors to preach God’s Word more effectively? We sometimes have the idea that the seminary—as helpful as it may be—is the end-all for getting preachers ready to preach. Yet it takes more than a seminary to make a preacher. It takes a faithful, partnering congregation to enable a pastor to preach well. Read More

Episode 29: On Sermon Preparation [Podcast]

How long should a preacher prep for his sermons? When and how should he consult commentaries? What’s the best way to involve others in the process? Listen Now

How I Get More Out of the Bible by Reading Less of It

I want to carefully challenge some common assumptions with these three questions. Read More

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