Saturday, December 02, 2017

4 Reasons Every Pastor Should Exercise

When I took my first pastorate, a frequent comment from my congregation was, “You're too skinny to be Southern Baptist. We'll do something about that!” I must admit, over the past five years, remaining healthy has been an uphill battle.

Unfortunately, full-time pastoring can be physically taxing. Long hours sitting at a desk and attendance at prayer breakfasts tends to work against us. From the deep recesses of our studies we cry, “I'm called to the ministry of the Word and to prayer! Both are sedentary. Being out of shape is just an occupational hazard.”

Do pastors get to pass GO and collect $200 when it comes to exercise? Are these excuses valid? Below are four reasons pastors—and all Christians—should consider exercise as a regular part of their weekly activities. Read More

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