Friday, May 25, 2018

5 Reasons I Read Authors With Whom I Disagree

As a much younger man, my then-pastor instructed we preacher boys (whom he called “Young Prophets”) on how to select books. There were some we should read and some we should not read; they were not worth the money to buy them. This was probably true enough, as far as it went. But, rather than teaching us discernment, it was more a straight prohibition.

For many years of my ministry I heeded this truth, staying with “safe” authors—read: primarily those from my tribe. Getting outside the tribe meant the Young Prophet needed a security clearance. I learned theology, practice, church growth, preaching, spirituality and principles for life and pastoring from an unofficial approved reading list.

It was years before I learned how that approach limited both my spiritual and intellectual growth. There are people within the bounds of orthodoxy who have come to some theological conclusions that are different than mine. Here’s why I ultimately started reading authors with whom I disagree on any number of these issues.... Read More

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