Saturday, May 19, 2018

How Do I Know If a Sermon Is Too Long or Too Short? [Podcast; Transcript]

We finish the week of episodes on preaching with another question from a seasoned preacher who wishes to remain nameless. It’s a question a lot of people I think want to ask you, and I’m surprised we haven’t gotten around to it yet. Here it is: “Pastor John, can a sermon be too short or too long? How can we know the ideal sermon length? Is there a one-length for all? Should some be shorter or longer? If so, when?”

No, there is no one length for a sermon that’s ideal for every situation. Yes, some sermons should be shorter and some longer. Yes, it is possible that a sermon be too long or too short. Those are my answers. Now, let me give some factors that we should just take into consideration when we’re pondering how long we should preach. Listen to Podcast or Read Transcript

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