Friday, May 18, 2018

In Addition To "Why Is Your Church So Small?" We Need To Ask “Why Do We Want It To Be Big?”

As hard as we work to grow bigger, how many of us stop to ask the essential question “what are the advantages of bigness?”

By far, the most common question I’m asked about small church ministry is “if your church is healthy, why is it so small?”

It’s a valid question, for sure. And one that I’ve answered in several previous blog posts, including these:
Recently I’ve started responding with a question of my own. Namely, in addition to asking small church pastors “why is your church so small?” shouldn’t we also be asking pastors of larger churches “why is your church so big?”

After all, none of them became big without working extremely hard at it.

Certainly, we often ask “how did your church get so big?” That’s why there are so many books, blogs, podcasts and seminars dedicated to breaking growth barriers, getting unstuck, and so on.

But it’s always a question about how to duplicate that numerical increase, not about the value of bigness itself. Read More

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